My Views on the Issues

TJ's Agenda For Tiffin's Future

Development Opportunities

As a small business owner, I have met a payroll every month and created jobs of high-skill, high wage jobs. I will have the backs of all those with a dream looking to create great jobs in the community.

Housing Shortages

As housing costs rise and become more scarce, I will work with leaders to create a plan that will increase housing supply and lower costs.


Balanced budgets and economic growth by supporting policies that will empower workers and wages to accelerate growth for the vast majority.

Safer Communities

Ensure that Tiffin remains a safe place to live and work

Quality of Life

Continue to improve on aging infrastructures and support local social needs like the Community Kitchen or TMAC

Community Support

Continue to support existing community businesses, organizations, and individuals


Experienced, Honest & Successful

Troy “TJ” McKee fighting to see the continued improvement of Tiffin to keep our city looking clean and beautiful.  While ensuring that all residents have a voice and make decisions in the best interest of the city and it’s residents.