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Are you ready for a politics that is practical, reasonable, and inclusive? Then join us in supporting the McKee For Tiffin Campaign! Our Right Time, Right Choice initiative is fueled by the belief that progressive, fair, and viable remedies can only be established through unity and cooperation. With McKee For Tiffin, you can be confident that your voice will be heard and your concerns will be addressed.

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About Me

Troy "TJ" McKee

TJ, who relocated from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Tiffin, is a fresh face in the community. Despite his newness to the area, he has strong connections to Tiffin through his familial relationships, which motivated him to establish roots in the town. During his previous visits to Tiffin, TJ was struck by the liveliness and remarkable character of the people who make up the community. He was so impressed that he felt compelled to play a role in its progress and advancement. TJ’s affection for the town and its people motivates him to contribute to its growth and prosperity.

Despite his accomplishments in the private sector, TJ McKee has not yet achieved significant name recognition in the Tiffin area. Unlike many politicians, he did not come from a family with a history of political involvement. However, his path to public office has been unconventional, as he spent a successful career as the President of a private equity firm with a diverse portfolio. His experience in the private sector has undoubtedly prepared him well for his current role in city government.

As a small business owner, TJ is active in the local community and is running for office because he believes he could bring a different perspective and get things done.


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TJ is an advocate for equality and access to opportunities for all individuals. This noble cause, aimed at establishing a town characterized by love, justice, and transparency, has been driven by supporters at the grassroots level, and you can play your part by contributing. Take action today.   Chip in now.

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We Work For The People

TJ is dedicated to creating an economy and system that benefits the wider community, rather than just a select few. His efforts in supporting the restoration of small businesses after the pandemic have been widely praised. Additionally, TJ is striving to enhance Tiffin’s competitive edge for attracting new businesses, strengthen the economic infrastructure of our communities, expand opportunities for youth and young adults, and foster an environment of tolerance and respect in a constantly changing society.


My Views on the Issues

Development Opportunities

As a small business owner, I have met a payroll every month and created jobs of high-skill, high wage jobs. I will have the backs of all those with a dream looking to create great jobs in the community.

Housing Shortages

As housing costs rise and become more scarce, I will work with leaders to create a plan that will increase housing supply and lower costs.


Balanced budgets and economic growth by supporting policies that will empower workers and wages to accelerate growth for the vast majority.

Safer Communities

Ensure that Tiffin remains a safe place to live and work

Quality of Life

Continue to improve on aging infrastructures and support local social needs like the Community Kitchen or TMAC


Experienced, Honest & Successful

Troy “TJ” McKee wants to see the continued improvement of Tiffin to keep our city looking clean and beautiful.  While ensuring that all residents have a voice and make decisions in the best interest of the city and it’s residents.

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What People Say About TJ McKee

More than 150 people and leaders have endorsed Troy “TJ” Mckee for public service.


People Supporting TJ McKee

Thoughtful, steady leadership has never been more important. Invest in TJ McKee's Campaign today to support the critical work ahead.
Megan McBride

Director Assistant Professor of Graduate Counseling

John Kahler

Attorney At Law

Greg Dell

Marketing Director - Reineke Ford